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MetaDiverse is a transformative solution designed to revolutionise Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in education.

This isn’t just another tool – students and teachers can have an incredible learning experience by exploring and engaging in a safe and inclusive environment.

The solution

Step into a world where you can break down barriers and make a real change for your students.

MetaDiverse harnesses the power of the metaverse to deliver immersive, interactive experiences that captivate learners’ attention and ignite their curiosity.

Create a world that shares lived experiences, brings artefacts and architecture to life and helps your students learn more about different people and cultures.


The benefits

Our platform content can be created to align seamlessly with the principles of the Prevent strategy, providing educators with a powerful tool to promote tolerance, respect, and understanding among students.

MetaDiverse isn't just for students—it's a valuable resource for educators. Teachers can use the platform to create tailored learning experiences that meet the unique needs of their students and drive meaningful outcomes.

Studies show that immersive learning can increase knowledge retention by up to 75% compared to traditional methods (Source: Forbes), ensuring that the lessons learned in the metaverse stay with students for life.

MetaDiverse can be used to share practical experiences and real-world scenarios that prepare students for the complexities of modern society.

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