Where Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) meets the Metaverse!

As the world strides towards greater understanding and acceptance, MetaDiverse delivers a revolutionary platform to champion EDI.

EDI training helps us build inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected. When we promote an inclusive culture, we treat all people with kindness and value their dignity.

This leads to stronger teams and better decision-making. We can also create advocates for EDI to build a world that is absent of fear and judgment. A world where we can celebrate our differences, break down barriers and bring people together.

Together, we can pioneer innovative solutions to tackle systemic issues and drive meaningful societal change.

The world's largest cultural awareness metaverse

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MetaDiverse isn’t just a vision for the future – it’s already making waves. mXreality, Metaverse Hub, Cardiff and Vale College, and the Welsh Government collaborated to create the world’s most comprehensive metaverse for cultural awareness.

This incredible project was created by a team of experts to share lived experiences and bring cultural awareness learning to life through an authentic and engaging curriculum. The whole experience is designed to make the user feel more rounded in their view of the world.

Starting at the Grand Atrium and spanning over four areas, visitors can explore the metaverse and interact with different learning resources including:




Augmented Reality
3D models


E-learning modules


Hours of global-centric historical content

Things to see

Each area of the Cultural Awareness Metaverse has been designed to engage curiosity and encourage exploration.

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Grand atrium

The entranceway to a unique experience into the histories and cultures of our shared communities.

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Six properties on a typical street house provide an interactive view into the lives of each resident.

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Immersive studies

Bringing objects and learning to life, discover more about maths, science, nature, hair and beauty and inventions.

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World timeline

An incredible experience where users travel through a time tunnel with over 100 hours of global-centric historical content.

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Engage with a broad range of carefully crafted subjects, all within a digital twin of The Senedd.

Coming soon



This space is currently under development.

Pioneers for EDI

Explore our multicultural world by dragging on the image below or press the Enter MetaDiverse button to get the full experience!

Ready to explore?

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How MetaDiverse can work for you

Are you looking for new ways to promote your EDI strategy and training throughout your organisation?

With MetaDiverse, you can create customised rooms within the metaverse to deliver your EDI training and share policies in a visual and engaging format. When you build a new room with us, you can access our existing content in the Cultural Awareness Metaverse.

We can work with you to create unique, interactive and immersive training modules to make your EDI training more engaging and powerful.

You can use your corner of the metaverse to create a community that reaches through your organisation, linking people together to share thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Your room can be shared publicly to be part of the wider Cultural Awareness project as part of Corporate and Social Responsibility, or it can remain a private training resource for your organisation. The choice is yours.

Additional elements are also available to make your space unique. Some extra features that we can deliver are:



Create a space unique to your brand.


Content manage

You are in control of your information.



Take your learners on an adventure to make learning fun.



Create a community to share ideas and interactions.



Run live or recorded events to support training.


Augmented Reality

Merge the real and virtual world’s to bring objects to life.

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Cardiff and Vale College is one of the largest colleges in the UK, delivering high quality education and training within the Capital Region of Wales. With more than 30,000 learners each year across full-time and part-time college courses, university qualifications and apprenticeship programmes, along with dedicated training provision for employers.

Metaverse Learning is a global leader in the transformation of education, learning and assessment through the use of Extended Reality (ER) including Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Environments (VE) and Augmented Reality (AR). Working closely with 100+ education and industry partners to co-create immersive learning programs.

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